Aspen 2021

re:Invention Retreat

Innovate | Align | Escape | Connect

A Learning Journey For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Who Want to Become Better Leaders

An immersive 4-day active escape to reset, pivot, and realign your life & work in beautiful Aspen, Colorado.

Outcomes for this event:
+ Automate & Focus your Leadership Skills
+ 3 Months of Coaching in Just 4 Days
+ Group and One on One Sessions to Help You Grow, Plan, and Execute

The best way to have a full-potential business, is to become a full-potential leader. Sound good to you?

Hosted by Eric Beck, 4x TEDx speaker & business coach to over 800 businesses + a world class team of instructors to show you the way!

What We Will Help You Do

Clarify your professional and life trajectory (they can work together)
Know how to ignite your best ideas so they come to life and your inner song is not left unsung
Discover simple rituals that open your mind, focus your efforts, and keep your passions alive
Connect with a tribe that has your best interest at heart and supports your epic journey

Idyllic Location

Aspen Meadows | The World Renown Aspen Institute

Aspen, Colorado is home to world’s most breathtaking views and iconic trails, valleys and mountains. It’s true that Aspen’s scenery is unlike any other. Few are as stunning as Maroon Bells, a must-see for any visitor. Many of our sessions will be overlooking Maroon Bells,  Aspen Mountain, Roaring Fork River and the John Denver Sanctuary.

Our Method

With over 20 years of business and leadership coaching our host, Eric Beck and team will guide you through 4 days of fun, discovery, connection.

Using the proven Total Integration Method ™, trusted by thousands of leaders around the world, we take the best of modern (developmental) psychology and combine it with proven learning and growth mindset strategies to create an entirely different type of learning journey to your best self – professionally and personally.

Let’s Think Well – Move Well – Work Well


  • I can not thank you enough for hosting the retreat in 2019 in Aspen! The setting was beautiful, both relaxing and motivational. It was just what I needed to get a renewed passion for work and much needed energy to put toward aligning my business with my personal goals. I loved the direction you gave but also enjoyed the collaborative work we did, what an awesome group of people! This year has be something else for sure and I know I’m not alone in feeling unsure on how best to move forward. Re-framing the upheaval into an opportunity to put it back together in a way I really want to “live” with my business…brilliant!

    Business Owner
  • Eric’s coaching and strategy has helped us immensely for the past 4 years. But this past week was just miraculous. His communication templates, especially the benefactor letter, saved our business. We were able to bring in nearly $30,000 in just three days! I’ve never seen anything like it before! So grateful!

    Business Owner
  • Thanks, Eric, for helping me navigate through these crazy times. I own a business in Iowa, and what you had to say in your recent webinar was not only easy to understand and well-delivered, it was comforting and helpful!

    Business Owner
  • Eric provided an outstanding one hour webinar to those of us struggling right now, due to Coronavirus. In a short one hour period, he provided a framework to help structure our messaging, get in front of customer fear and stress, and ideas to help stay clear and positive.This was quite a bit of material to step through in one hour and he did a masterful job. Thank you very much for delivering content that is extraordinarily relevant. Grateful in Elmhurst, Illinois

    Business Owner
  • While I’m a fairly well organized executive, the Total Integration package really challenged me to focus beyond the big picture to planning my calendar and organizing my schedule. Instead of planning each day at the beginning of the morning, I’ve put together recurring schedules that save me significant time and effort in accounting for my day. Having an executive coach also empowered me to focus on the important strategic issues for my business and execute the revenue generating ideas that were dormant. I have no doubt that this program has helped hone my focus on the important strategic vision and in turn will help me generate more money while freeing up my valuable time

    J McCarthy
  • Eric’s program of Total Integration has given me more hope and clarity than anything I have ever done.

    Business Owner
  • In my previous life in sales, I was ‘Exhibit A’ of the chaotic working life. The long, energy-draining hours, demoralizing atmosphere, and sense of displacement were taking a toll upon me. My body was hurting physically. I felt no sense of accomplishment. Worst of all, the most important people in my life were feeling the effects. But after going through eight months of Total Integration, I experienced a revolutionary transformation in the way I worked and lived.

  • The Total Integration process has literally changed our entire business. It’s so much easier to run a profitable operation!

    Business Owner
  • Two years later and I still refer to my notes and ideas shared at our Colorado retreat. It was so much easier to implement what I had learned because the discussions and workshops were so interactive and memorable. Thanks, Eric!

    Business Owner
What Makes Us Different!

3 Pillars of re:Invention

1. physical BALANCE

Optimal Energy Learning

We use fun, physicalized learning (play) to internalize concepts for change

Casual Hiking | Easy Kayaking| Fun Paddle-boarding | Simple Meditation | All-Levels Yoga | Gentle Biking | Quiet Journaling | Walking in Nature | Outdoor Fun & More!

2. work STRATEGY

Authentic Vision Driven Work Strategy

As we learn (mind+body), action and planning take root through strategy

Anchor Activities | Strategic Vision | Value Innovation | Crucial Conversations | Transformational Leadership | Decision Making | Coaching 101 | Exponential Growth | Mastering Your Message

3. mental RESILIENCE

Durable Precision Thinking

Now Learning + Action are fostered in Growth Mindset for Long Term Results

Growth Mindset | Resilience | Stress Reduction| Meditation | Essentialism | Digital Minimalism | Connection & Self Awareness | Flow & Optimal Psychology | Rewilding Your Mind

Your Team

Your instructors are real people who really care and who live what they know. If you're ready to share, train, and grow they are ready to guide and cheer you on!

Eric Beck

Business Futurist | Black Belt Shotokan Karate | TEDx Speaker (x4) | Innovation Coach | US Army Veteran | E-Myth Director of Training | FAST Combatives Instructor | Spartan Racer

Vanya Lazarova

Business Consulting | Growth and Scalability | Leadership Development | Citibank | Estée Lauder | Youtube | IBM | Breathwork Instructor | World Traveler

Andrew Papadopoulos

/ /
Fitness Instructor | Adventure Guide | Veteran | World Traveler | Nutrition

Lamiya Lee

Certified Personal Trainer | Entrepreneur | Strength Coach | Mobility Instructor | For Baked Sake Founder | RAD Yoga Mobility | Recovery Specialist

Dr Mike Venezia

Chiropractor | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Manual Therapist | Exercise Specialist | Lecturer| Brain Health Specialist

Dr Annie Brook

Ph.D, LPC, RSME (ISMETA) | Body-Mind Centering Teacher | Therapist | Somatic Innovator | Retreat Leader


Mindfulness | Yoga | Meditation | Embodied Learning | Breathwork Instructor | World Traveler | Ayurveda | Entrepreneurship

Drew Rossi

/ /
Spartan Race Expert | Adventure Guide | Professional Photographer | Gym Owner | Climbing Expert

Josh Valentine – In Memoriam

Running Wild with Bear Grylls | Climbing Expert | Survival Instructor | Bear Grylls Survival Academy | Embrace The Animal Podcast | WildFitness


Space is Limited. Register Now.

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What's Included

  • 4 Days of World Class Learning, Guidance, Coaching + Fun
  • 3 Nights Lodging
  • Farm to Table Breakfast & Lunch
  • Retreat Journal, Binder & Materials
  • Online Implementation Tool
  • Audio Recordings, & More!

Dates, Location, & Schedule

  • Aspen CO
  • Aspen Meadows Resort, 845 Meadows Road, Aspen, CO 81611


  • Sunday Morning (optional pre-retreat adventure)
  • Sunday 7pm-8:30pm
  • Mon 9am-4pm
  • Tues 9am -4pm
  • Wed 8am -Noon


Space is Limited

Early Bird (Before July 8th)

  • Double Occupancy (Shared Per Person) – $2997
  • Single Occupancy (Private) – $3497
  • Registration Only – $2795

Standard (After July 9th)

  • Double Occupancy (Shared Per Person) – $3197
  • Single Occupancy (Private) – $3797
  • Registration Only – $2995


What are we doing to keep our participants COVID safe?Click To Read

What are we doing to keep our participants COVID safe?

In addition to implementing actions and best practices mandated by governing authorities and local health and safety experts, we have taken the following steps to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone attending the event. These guidelines are subject to change with the evolving situation. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  1.  Reduced customer touch points to minimize physical interaction between participants and event staff.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout events, including around high traffic areas, after every activity. These will be refreshed by staff throughout the day.
  3. Increased safety and hygiene procedures for staff and volunteers including regular hand sanitizing.

Social Distancing

  1. To manage the volume of participants at registration onsite, each person will be given a specific check in time.
  2. To maintain social distancing each outdoors activity will be organized so that no participant is closer than 6 feet to any other participant. We will be on running trails and athletic fields with ample distance.

Disclaimer The information in this page is subject to change at Total Integration’s discretion.


It is our expectation that no participant within your traveling group is presently suffering from, or has suffered from any symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to the event. Symptoms may include fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell. In addition, we expect that no one in your party has knowingly been in contact with anyone confirmed to have had COVID-19, in the 14 days prior to your arrival at the event. If you or any member of your traveling group begin to display symptoms of COVID-19 during your stay, you must immediately notify event management and seek medical attention.


During the event, we ask all participants to observe appropriate health hygiene and social distancing measures, including:

  • Face masks are required in all indoor public areas and outside within 6 feet of others
  • Sneezing and coughing into one’s elbow
  • Refraining from shaking hands or engaging in any unnecessary physical contact with other guests or team members
  • Washing hands often with soap and warm water and using hand sanitizer when soap and water are unavailable.
  • All guests must maintain at least 6 feet social distancing from other participants while on the event, including restaurants and all other public areas.
  • All participants must follow the direction of event management and team members when given health and safety instructions.

Things may change going forward, but one thing that will not change is our commitment to provide you  with an amazing, safe and strategic event.