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Instructor Bio

Vanya Lazarova partners with CEOs and leaders in the Startup and VC ecosystem between New York city and Silicon Valley, on their journey of scaling their companies and culture. Her work is predominantly focused on post series A companies, looking to scale up. She supports clients to navigate the challenges of fast growth, with focus on leadership development, people and culture and establishing an infrastructure within their organizations to allow them to scale. She also partners with PlugNPlay, Founders Institute and VC funds, helping companies in their portfolios in various verticals. Besides with entrepreneurs, she has worked with leaders at Citibank, Estée Lauder, Youtube, IBM and more. In addition to that she leads breathwork sessions as an experiential modality, helping her clients tap into an altered state of consciousness to refocus, gain clarity and deeply connect to their mission.

Work often brings me abroad for projects or to take on trainings and expand my knowledge. Most recent travels led me to a Buddhist temple in Northern Thailand to study mindfulness and meditation and apply the teachings in my work with leaders around the world. In the summer of 2019, I found myself in the high Arctic region, where I facilitated a leadership program in collaboration with one of the premier impact travel companies in the world – “The Explorer’s passage”.

Today, I’m based in Silicon Valley where I support high growth technology companies, mentor at Plug and Play and Founder Institute and take full advantage of every opportunity to go out in nature.

I’ve also contributed to a various media publications, such as Best Self magazine, Conscious company media, The conscious magazine, Thrive Global, Addicted2success and more.

What I’ve learned so far, by working and spending time with truly exceptional people, is that what makes them different is the vision, energy and heart they show up with. It’s a way of being in the world that serves both, themselves and those around in a way that unlocks true power and enables potential.

It’s my mission to facilitate profound exploration of the inner world to leaders who want to meaningfully influence the outer world. I believe in a new definition of success and a new way of doing business, based on collaboration, authenticity and conscious leadership. As entrepreneurs, we seek financial freedom, but are even more inspired by what could that make possible in the world. We’re driven by purpose, impact, thought leadership, innovation and higher- consciousness.

My career and the work I do reflect my life long curiosity and involvement with personal development, positive psychology, the head-heart connection, philosophy, neuroscience, entrepreneurship and business. The commitment to my work continues to grow, as I keep learning, attending and offering workshops, trainings and community events.

I shuffle between New York City and San Francisco Bay area, however coaching could be 100% remote, enabling me to work with clients all over the world.

What Her Clients Say

“I have had the privilege of working with Vanya over the past year. She is an extraordinary leadership coach who cares deeply about the success of her clients. She has a strong understanding of human psychology which she utilizes in helping clients maximize their growth and potential. I found my time with Vanya to be extremely helpful in growing as a leader and opening up new marketing channels. She makes you feel extremely supported to the point where you feel you almost have a partner who is there going to battle with you each and every day. I recommend Vanya to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level.”

— Jeff Bonaldi, CEO, The Explorer’s Passage, NYC

“I have found Vanya’s ability to help redirect and focus in times of hardship remarkable. She has been an invaluable support to keep me, and my non-profit, ClimateForce, focused on the bigger picture, instead of getting caught up on short term problems. Within a large group, Vanya offers simple strategies and solutions to guide the team, and its mission, towards success. She thrives on communication and collaboration, but has autonomy to drive things forward without needing to be micromanaging. Whether you are looking to re-energize your team’s culture, or seeking 1-1 coaching, I could not recommend Vanya more highly. You will not be disappointed with her energy and ability to elevate your business, and priorities. “

– Barney Swan, Founder, ClimateForce, CA

“My coaching sessions through Vanya has taught me to focus on the decision in front of me, and the more decisions I make and the more actions I take, is what helps me overcome the challenges and reach my goals. One of my biggest takeaways through our work together is that I discovered my core values. I had understood the concept, but had never verbalized them in a way that we did together through the assessments she gave me. I was in a place of transition during our work together and I’m a lot more clear now on what I want to prioritize in my life. This is a very big asset for me to use now that I’m taking the next steps in my career and life.”

– Yuta Yamada, Estée Lauder, NYC

Some of the specific and biggest goals we were able to draw from our time with Vanya are understanding who we are as brand, what we wanted to bring to the world and how, in a way that wasn’t so convoluted. She demonstrates such enthusiasm for life and business, for making the world a better place through mindfulness and bringing a broaden perspective on consciousness. You don’t see that with many other entrepreneurship coaches. That’s probably what brought us to work together in the first place. 

– Michael Brunner, CEO and co- founder, Provenance Creative, Houston, TX

“7 months ago I was stuck, frustrated and at an all time low feeling out of love with life and unhappy with my professional growth. I started working with Vanya to elevate my daily life and find my professional bearings and it was one of the best decisions I could have made! Vanya gracefully, compassionately and enthusiastically supported me in finding me feet again and held my hand to find my way back to myself and I am eternally grateful. Throughout our time working together I felt she was truly invested in me, offered nuanced advice and support and offered her invaluable presence which empowered me to live more authentically and aligned to my true values. Fast forward 7 months later, I am in love with life again and starting my own dream business. Thanks for sharing your gift with us Vanya. Anyone would be lucky to work with you!”

— Fidan Huseyni, Youtube, London UK

“Vanya is a well experienced professional. I appreciated her flexible coaching style, the continuous feedback and her guidance to navigate whatever challenges I was facing in my current business. What I find amazing is that she also focuses on the inner state of my mind as an entrepreneur, who has to be mindful to make the right decisions. I do appreciate how she keeps me accountable and is passionately invested in seeing my team and my business succeed.”

— Toshiaki Yoshida, CEO, Earch You, Tokyo, Japan