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Eric Beck makes learning innovative ideas fun, engaging, and best of all practical. Working with clients from the Fortune 100 to small business entrepreneurs to 9th graders, Eric has acquired a unique understanding of the critical systems, principles and training techniques that lead to reinvention.

Eric says, “The loss of motivation and productivity in the is a direct result of decades of erosion in the meaningfulness of our work.” And so he dismantles the outdated habit of “trading time for money” and explores a new way to engage our marketplace (especially in the digital generation) powered by a new reason to work: self improvement while producing extraordinary services and products.

Eric is one of the world’s most provocative thinkers about our society’s growing lack of meaning at work and the way to reconnect and empower every individual by creating a new “game worth playing” at home, at work, in schools, and in our governments.

Eric is the founder of the Total Integration Program™ for people who identify as “fugitives from mediocracy.” Mr. Beck holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Belmont University, is a husband and father of six young men, a twenty-nine time international martial arts medalist (3rd Degree Black Belt) and has served as a Specialist in the United States Army National Guard.

Before launching Total Integration, he was the international Director of Training and a Business Coach for E-Myth Worldwide.

Eric has written numerous articles on personal and organizational reinvention and is a sought after keynote speaker and strategic consultant. Currently he is completing a book, “A Game Worth Playing: Reinventing Our Relationship to Work.”

NOTE FROM ERIC: Getting in the way of completing this book is my insatiable LOVE of Spartan Obstacle Course Racing! After all, it saved my life (see TEDx Talk Here). And yes, that’s me in the last picture doing my first Spartan Race weighing in at 253lbs…the Sprint took me over 4 hours to complete (with the heroic help of my two oldest sons Judah and Aidan – who will be assisting at our retreat.)

Currently I’m 183lbs and did my last Sprint in just over 50 minutes! I can help you Reinvent because I’ve had to learn myself.