Make Changes. REINVENT! Let's Go!
InstructorDr. Lara Johnson
PracticeYellow Brick Physical Therapy

Instructor Bio

Dr. Lara Johnson is the founder of Yellow Brick Physical Therapy in Boulder, CO, where she empowers those who are determined to heal their bodies so they can be free from pain, become daringly healthy, and realize their full potential inside and out.

Using a system-of-systems mindset and neuromuscular hands-on techniques, she helps each person understand the connectedness of their body, releases their outdated patterns and restrictions, and shows them the steps to take on their path to ultimate unrestricted health and freedom of movement.

Much like training for a race or building a business, Dr. Lara sees healing the body as a winding path with unexpected twists and turns, with opportunities for enormous personal growth, new friendships, the confronting of fears, the learning of new habits, and the deepening of core values. Where in the end you just might discover a truer and fitter version of you, and step into your authentic and full potential to give to the world something only you can.

She is driven to help people stay active, healthy, and mobile long-term, without wasting time on harmful methods that won’t last such as quick fix therapies, or unnecessary medications, surgeries, or injections.

Dr. Lara has studied the human body and human movement since an early age as an athlete who took a strong interest in the science of exercise and human anatomy and physiology. She integrates over 20 years combined experience in Physical Therapy, Clinical Exercise Research, Personal Training, smoking cessation, Cardiac Rehab, Graded Exercise Testing, pediatric and geriatric populations, athleticism and sports performance, meditation and inquiry, Group Exercise instruction, Yoga, Health Behavior, Nutrition, health and wellness, and psychological and spiritual study into all of her teachings, trainings, patient care, and program facilitation to holistically help others reach their full potential.

As an elite distance runner in college and post-collegiately, Dr. Lara has raced distances from 800 meters to the marathon and everything between. Having spent at least 15 years as a very focused competitive runner and competitive academic, she has recently discovered more joy as an omni-athlete and in learning brand new skills as a business owner. She loves running on the Colorado trails, swinging kettlebells, swimming laps, teaching yoga and water running, bike commuting, dancing up a storm, as well as plenty of chaturanga dandasanas, cable chest flies, hill repeats, hot tub recoveries, twerks, insights, spins, layups, headers, and laying on the floor for myofascial release.

She pretty much gets excited about any physical activity! She is driven to help athletes and people of of all types keep moving for life, using 3 major elements: the utmost efficiency and optimal patterning, courageously healthy life balance, and a purposeful zeal from the heart.

She has served as a running ambassador for Adidas, Lululemon, Boston Marathon, Healthy Skoop and Go Far Shop. She raced for Hastings College, Wake Forest University, Boston Athletic Association, and Boulder Running Company (BRC/Adidas) Race Team.

Dr. Lara earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from MGH Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA in 2011; her Master of Science degree (MS) in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC in 2005; and her B.A. in Exercise Science from Hastings College in Hastings, NE in 2003. She is a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Running With the Mind of Meditation Retreat Leader.

As a Colorado native, she owns and operates Yellow Brick PT in beautiful Boulder, CO, where she additionally teaches yoga and fitness classes, holds workshops and Anatomy lessons, participates in ongoing spiritual and psychological personal work, runs with a mindful running group, and spends quality time with loved ones as much as possible.

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